Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map

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This event is generously supported
by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation

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The workshop addresses how to think strategically about social media for external communications so your organization can maximize its time and resources. Participants will learn how to create a social media strategy map that integrates with their overall communications plan and Internet strategy as well as address organizational culture issues that often arise when a new technology is introduced. It will also provide an opportunity to learn how to select tools and explore best practices.

Participants will work in small groups and play the Nonprofits and Social Media Game, a simulation game using a special deck of cards where participants work in small groups to develop a strategy, identify adoption challenges, measurement, and benefits to integrating social media tools and strategies in a nonprofit organizational or network context. Each group will share their learnings and challenges they discovered. We will also provide an opportunity for peer consulting on tips, resources, and getting started with social media.

February 1, 2010

  • Experience a social media strategy brainstorm that integrates social media with overall communications plan and Internet strategy
  • Address organizational culture and capacity issues that often arise when a new technology is introduced

9:30-10:45 am
Introductions and Ice Breaker
Principles of Effective Social Media Strategy

Spectra Gram and Quick Break

11:00- 12:00
Small Groups to Play Simulation Game


Small Groups Report Out




Game Cards:

Lesson Plan

Links Articles/Posts in Presentation

Ant Trails

The Dance Floor and the Balcony

Strategy Map Template/Questions
Social Media Strategy Form

Bridge to Offline Outcomes
The Magic Tweet
Activating the Activists With Social Media

Listening Literacy for Nonprofits

What does 100K Twitter Followers Get You?
Mailana: Identifying Your Twitter Inner Circle
9 Tools to Measure Your Influence on Twitter
Influencers How To Find the Best Ones

Social Content
Climate Change US Twitter
Planned Parenthood Case Study

Platform for Self-Organizing
March of Dimes: March for Maddie
How LiveStrong Uses Social Media To Animate Its Community

Staff and Capacity
Social Media Intern Job Description and Recruitment Strategy for Nonprofit

Assess Organizational Culture
Should A CEO Remove Burning Man Photos from Facebook?
Social Media Policy: Don't Moon People With Cameras or At Least Hide Your Face While You Do It
Examples of Social Media Policies

7 Tips for Measuring the Success of Your Blog

Pilots and Experiments
A Method for Learning from Social Media Pilots

Tools and Tactics
WeAreMedia Tool Box
Facebook Best Practices