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Content Curation for Nonprofits
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Content Curation Primer by Beth Kanter
10/2011 - My blog post to make sense of this practice for nonprofits who want to get started. Summarizes the annotated links below.

Content Curation Interviews
Jan Gordon
Robin Good

Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best pieces of content that you’ve cherry picked and shared with your network.

Why Important?

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Nearly one-half of marketing executives (48%) now use content curation—the process of continually finding, organizing, and sharing relevant online content that caters to a specific audience—according to a survey from HiveFire.
Among such content curators, most (78.9%) cite thought leadership as their primary objective in content curation, followed by elevating brand visibility and buzz (76.1%) and lead generation (60.6%).

The Role of Content Curators on the Web
1/2010 - Recognized thought leader Robin Good publishes and frames Content Curator Manifest by Rohit Bhargava who writes about content curation from a business perspective. Good has written about content curation (although called newsmastering) since 2004.

Why Content Curation Matters
10/2011 - Alister Cameron. Gives the context and history of the practice and why it is important from scholarly and journalist perspective. Points to Shirky quote: "We don’t have a problem of “information overload”… we have a problem of “filter failure." Talks about the need to balance machine aggregation with human "collaborative intelligence." This link is a well curated and annotated list of links about content curation, it is missing an important authority: Howard Rheingold.

Content Curation in the Workplace
10/2010 - Harold Jarche talks about the importance of networked learning and individuals and teams making sense of information as an important worksplace skill. Introduces concept of Seek, Sense, and Share which provides a terrific framework for nonprofit content curators. Also, the idea that curating information can benefit the enterprise or organization because it is a form of professional development and enhances staff expertise.

Content Curation for Nonprofits

Content Curation is Listening and Engaging by Beth Kanter. My first post on content curation and nonprofits after exploring Scoop.It.

Beth's Tips on Content Curation an interview on the Scoop.It blog.

Netsquared Roundup of Curation for Nonprofits a well curated roundup of posts by nonprofit folks about the why, what, and how of content curation.

Five Ways To Leverage Curation by Susan Kistler. The director of the American Evaluation Association offers a five part series exploring content curator for evaluators and researchers.

List of Great Nonprofit Curators and Their Curated Lists by Beth Kanter. After writing about Scoop.It, I noticed a uptick in nonprofit curators there and did a list of them on my blog.


Organizational Content Strategy: Where Does Curation Fit Uses a pyramid to show a how content curation fits in the context of an overall content strategy.

Crafting the Perfect Content Strategy Three step process for doing research to find your content curation niche. This may be applicable to nonprofits that cover a diverse range of topics.

15 Tips for Curating Content Tactical tips for producing great content and curation. Especially important given the Facebook changes.

How To Craft Contagious Content - Remember that content curation is only half of the content strategy, you'll be creating content. Here's some tips.

KPIs of Content Curation


What Makes A Great Curator Great? (11/2011) by Robin Good - Now that content curation is getting more attention and adoption, there will be many "me-too" curators this post distinguishes poor curation from great curation. Also gives you a skills check list.
Know Your Sources

Efficiency and Work Flow

Learn from the Experts: How Scoble Curates Content An interview by Howard Rheingold with Robert Scoble where he shares his best tips for content curation.
"If your inbound is crappy and jumbled, and you don't understand what you're reading and who's writing it.. then you're not going to be a very good person on pushing stuff outbound... and therefore you wont gather an audience that's interesting to you, because you won't be informing them very well. I look at it as a funnel: who do I put in my funnel? People I trust."

Robin Good's Curation Work Flow Good is a master curator and it is great to have trade craft laid out in detailed. I have simplified his expert level process for beginners here.

Sense Making

This is an interview Robin Good recorded in Rome, Italy in 2009, over 2 years ago. At the time the bubble around content curation had not yet exploded, making his questions and answers from Gerd particularly interesting.
Curated by JanLGordon covering her topic " Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond" on Scoopit. Gerd Leonhard reminds us that context is just as important as content itself. Not only archiving, organizing and tagging it so it can be found but also adding to the piece by making your own comments, reviews or additional information you may have about the subject.

Five Frameworks for Content Curation by Maddie Grant. Covers different approaches for organizing your collection.

Specific Tips

Curation Tips for Twitter
Content Curation Tips for Twitter for Thought Leadership
Using Google Reader and Buffer App on Twitter via Jan Gordon


There are many tools available - specifically for Content Curation. Start learning the process and integrating into existing channels you're using. Then incorporate new tools.

Expert Curator View
Robin Good's Master List of Curation Tools

Nonprofit View
Amy Sample Ward: A Look At Scoop.It This was the beta version which is now the free version. launched in Nov, 2011, here's the scoop via storify.
4 Curation Tools To Share Research

A Few Practical Tools and Tips
Screen Capture Curating
Terrific Tutorial on how to use StoryPad - browser tool that lets you collaborate with others and pull items in from the web - time saver
Create a list of people at conference using Twitter

Additional Resources
Beth's Curated List of Content Curation for Nonprofits
List of Scoop.It Nonprofit Tech/Social Media Curators

Comprehensive Resources

Extension Online Conference with master curators - lots of great presentations, recordings, and links.