Online Action Tools

I asked this question to colleagues: What are the best blog posts, presentations, and people on this topic: Take Action and Advocacy Tools. I also did some other research.
Special thanks to Danielle Brigida, Sue Anne Reed, Lorraine Wilson, JD Lasica, Christine Egger, Ted Fickes


A Few Online Advocacy Tools from Idealware (November, 2011)
A Few Online Petition Tools from Idealware (July, 2011)

Additional Tools

New from MoveOn
suggested by Lorraine Wilson

Cause Vox
Suggested by Debra Askanase and Nancy Schwartz

Go To People

Read this First!

Good Counsel Nonprofits using social media and other online tools for political activity and lobbying need to consult with their counsel. There's a gray line about what is and what isn't lobbying - and it could incur a lot of fines and headaches.


Colin's advice: Influencing the Influencers

Case Studies:

Other free tools include sites like Care2. Anyone can set up a petition on Care2 to raise awareness on an issue. We've worked with several smaller nonprofits over the past couple of months -- like from Help a Mother Out and Karen Day from the Afghan Women's Justice Project. They might not have the budget to do list building, but there are lots of free tools out there for action and advocacy. The Afghan Women's Justice Project petition has over 103,000 signatures and Karen and her team have used that to really get some things happening in Afghanistan in regards to women's rights. - Sue Anne Reed

Slide Decks

(JD Lasica would have a different list today)

Christine Egger: presentation is about fundraising but applies equally to all kinds of "taking actions" online. There are transcript-level notes for each slide.

Section 1: an overview of the online environment.
Section 2: a review of the development of online resources from websites, to "social action platforms" and aggregators ( ), to technology like the semantic web.
Section 3: suggestions for how a nonprofit designs its online "take action" invitations for this environment.