Read more about why and what for Twitter here.


Step 1: Sign Up

  • Sign up for a free account and fill out your profile by adding an image and one-line bio and include a link to your site.
  • You can read on the web or send messages to your phone or IM client. Decide what works best for your working style.
  • You can "protect your updates" or "open." Pros/cons to each.
  • Decide whether you want an organizational account or individual account.
  • Share the workload - should not just be one person. Listening on Twitter can take 5 or ten minutes of your day each day.

Step 2: Your Profile Design

If you work in the nonprofit tech sector, take a look at some nonprofit profiles (Beth Kanter, Marnie Webb, Holly Ross) or you can find more here.

This is a listening project and you'll be "reading" as well as talking. It should link to your listening goals. Here's a basic list of what to twitter.

Step 3: Find People

Start with a couple of people who you know or who represent the group of people you want to listen to. You can try searching for people twitter. Here's a few ideas to get started.

Twitter Packs - Nonprofits