Workshop Description

Social Media Workshop
Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog

Sponsored by Nasscom Foundation

Agenda for February 12, 2010


  • Experience a social media strategy brainstorm that integrates social media with overall communications plan and Internet strategy
  • Address organizational culture and capacity issues that often arise when a new technology is introduced
  • Answer tactical questions as they arise

10:30-11:30 am
Introductions: Just Three Words

Stand-up, Sit Down if you have used
Share Pair:

· Personal Experience
· Corporate Use for Marketing
· Corporate Use for CSR
Spectra Gram:
Social Media Is A Waste of Time

Principles of Using Social Media Effectively
What is translates from the US to India? What doesn't?

Small Group Work
Introduction to the Game

Report Out

One small step

Book Raffle/Winners

Rajeshree Dutta Kumar, Centre for Science, Development & Media Studies -
Trust Agents by Chris Brogan

Pranay Swarup, NASSCOM Foundation -
Social Media Best Practices by Janet Fout

India NGO Social Media Resources