The Allstate Foundation 60th Anniversary Executive Summit

Leading the Networked Nonprofit
Description: Knowing how to use social media well is not just about knowing which button to push. With its ability to connect people and build strong, resilient, trusting relationships, social media can be a truly revolutionary power that supports exactly what nonprofit work is all about -- social change to make the world a better place. But reluctance to use social media because it is hard, time-consuming, will create more information overload or "isn't core to our work" is common among nonprofits, and poses a dilemma for their leaders.

Why? What are the real challenges associated with social media? Why do organizations immersed in social media look and act more like social networks than traditional organizations, and what does this mean for their chief executives? How can leaders get past the digital dazzle so they can effectively embrace new tools, a networked mindset, and connections, as well as measure the progress of this transformation and results?

Author of The Networked Nonprofit and her forthcoming book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Beth Kanter will lead an interactive workshop about the myths and realities of social media in the nonprofit organization, and share impressive stories of several nonprofits' success.

Learning Objectives
  • To introduce the Networked Nonprofit framework and understand how to apply it to leading a nonprofit
  • To understand why a change of working or “mind shift” is essential to successfully using social media
  • To identify one or two concrete action steps to begin the process of change back at the office

  1. Introduction
  2. The Networked Nonprofit Framework
  3. Networked Leadership
  4. A Social Culture
  5. Embracing Brand Champions
  6. Transparency
  7. Measurement and Learning

Story of Stuff Case Study

Nonprofit CEOs and the Network Mindset

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Social Media Staffing and Capacity

Mindful or Mindfull Social Media

The Unintended Benefits of Content Curation

Working with Free Agents and Champions

Balance of Strategic and Spontaneous

Data Informed, Not Data Driven

How To Switch to Data Informed Culture

What does the data say?

Nonprofits and Data Visualization

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Get Notified When Book Is Available