The Networked Nonprofit: Principles of Social Media In Practice
Learning Objectives

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  • To introduce the maturity of practice model for Networked Nonprofits (crawl, walk, run, fly) framework and understand how to apply it
  • To understand the basic principles for successfully using social media to achieve mission
  • To identify one or two concrete action steps to implement back at the office

4:30-5:15 Introduction, Overview, and Icebreaker
Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

What's your current practice?
Social Media: A Continuum of Value

Stretch Break

5:30-5:50 Principles of Good Practice: Strategy

Integrate your social media strategy with your programs and communications objectives
Use actionable listening to understand your target audience – includes listening on social media channels and other research.
Engage with your audience by translating messaging and framing into conversation starters
Have an integrated content strategy that includes micro content for social channels
Leverage the network

5:50-6:00 Principles of Good Practice: Social Media Policy
Getting leadership on board
Creating Your Rule Book: Social Media Policy

6:00-6:20 Principles of Good Practice: Doing the Work
• Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly: How much time does it take?
• Simplicity
• Staffing, Interns, Volunteers, and Implementation

6:20-6:30 Reflection
• What is one idea you can put into practice?


Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

Strategy: Fifth Estate

Creating Social Content

Need A Beginner Social Media site for Senior Management?

HaHave Those Difficult Conversations

Social Media Policy Resources: Examples, Best Practices
Lessons Learned from A Big Social Media Mistake by Red Cross

Leverage the Network: Check Your Blood Sugar

Salt Lake Valley Public Health

American Heart Association