Content Strategy and Integration

  • How does your social media support other components of your Internet strategy plan?
  • Is there an “offline” component that you need to support/connect?

Before running off to create content, it requires a mind shift. Nonprofits need to think of the content they hope to create as expressions of a single bigger idea or theme. Or alternatively, if your organization is starting with something larger, like a research paper or an entire season for a performing arts program, think about how to create smaller chunks of shareable content. Many nonprofits are more used to thinking of content as a single campaign. Think about the "Big Idea" for your content and then re-imagine smaller pieces of content. You may also start the other way - with a larger existing piece and chop it up. Here's some guidelines and tips for developing your content strategy from Content Rules.|| Channel || Social Integration ||
Web site

Live events



Mainstream media (MSM)

Here's a list of content types:

  • Promotions with deals to participants
  • Tips or how to's
  • Little known facts or factoids
  • White papers
  • Relevant and timely statistics
  • Invite guest authors
  • Top 10 lists
  • Case studies
  • Guides to help educate
  • Interviews
  • Live events
  • News
  • Opinions
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Gift ideas

It might be useful to establish a social media editorial calendar.
Identify all your platforms, themes, and schedule it. It is way less stress to know what you’re going to publish for the week versus having do it on the fly.
Holly Minch shares advice and this excellent Editorial Calendar Template

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